the ol' femme dirty

Tumblr, only NSFW. So many awesome things I'm finding on tumblr are not screen safe for workplaces etc.

I am a 40 year old sex-positive cis femme. There will be dudes with dudes.

how to thoroughly impress a cripple femme kitchen top with an injured hand & a fibro flare


“Can I come over and show off my kitchen butchery?”

“So if I don’t leave you with leftovers, you haven’t been houseboyed hard enough.”

“This is amazing. I actually can’t remember the last time a date cooked for me. I think it was… 2010?”
“What the fuck? You need better dates!”
“Yeah, I need to step it up.”
“No, they need to step it up!”
“Word. Point taken!”

This is like porn for me.